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We Offer Six Different Business Debt Relief Solutions


Forbearance Agreements

If your revenues have dropped substantially, we can negotiate a temporary break on payments.  We negotiate forbearance agreements with all types of companies you may owe money to like MCAs, vendors, and other lenders.  If your business is cyclical and you are experiencing a lull, we can arrange to pause your payments to get you time to catch up.  Forbearance agreements also work if you are experiencing a significant hardship­.  While forbearance agreements don’t reduce the principal balance that you owe, they will help to free up your cash flow to help keep your doors open.  Once you can afford to make payments again, we can restructure your payments lower to make it more affordable to pay going forward.


Restructuring Agreements

Regardless of whether you are on time with your daily, weekly, or monthly payments, or have already fallen behind, restructuring helps lower your payments to free up cash flow for your business to survive.   We negotiate lower installments with most types of companies, but merchant cash advance companies, are contractually obligated to lower your payments if you can demonstrate a decrease in revenue.  The trouble is getting most MCAs to do so – and that’s where we help!  Although restructuring could wipe out fees and additional charges if you’ve defaulted, the main goal is to get you back onto payments to prevent further collection efforts from your creditors.  With lower payments that you can afford, we’ll help you stay on track.


Lump Sum Settlements

If you defaulted on payments a while ago, we can negotiate your principal balances to lower payoff amounts saving you thousands of dollars off what you owe!  The best discounts usually come as a one-time lump sum payoff, so this option usually involves the most significant savings (without having to close your business and File Chapter 7).  Settlement results vary on a case by case basis, but we typically negotiate a substantial discount off the balances. We charge our fees on contingency as a percent of the money we save you – making our one and only goal to save you as much money as possible.  If you don’t have a lump sum of funds available for settlements, we can also negotiate discounts payable over time, known as ‘structured settlements.’


Structured Settlements

If you have defaulted on payments, we can negotiate a discount off the balance owed and get you time to pay the negotiated amount known as a structured settlement or a term settlement.  This option is an excellent choice if you do not have enough to settle as a lump sum but still want to get a discount on the amount you owe.  Once we have an agreement for less, you will be able to make affordable payments, therefore avoiding any future collection efforts once you start making the required payments. We charge our fees on contingency as a percent of the money we save you – making our one and only goal to save you as much money as possible.  

Litigation Assistance

If a company you owe money to has either filed for arbitration, a lawsuit, or a Confession of Judgment, we have access to a nationwide network of attorneys to provide your defense at a discounted rate.  The attorneys in our network deal with these issues daily so are well experienced with the legal issues facing business owners in debt.  The attorneys can stall cases, arrange payment plans, negotiate settlements, and if your case has any legal defenses, they will assert them.  Our network has resolved thousands of lawsuits, judgments, bank account and receivable holds, and other legal matters arising due to defaulted obligations.


Bankruptcy Assistance

We access a nationwide attorney network that can file personal and business bankruptcies at a discounted rate.  The network attorneys have filed thousands of bankruptcies and are experienced at protecting business owners from overwhelming debts and Bankruptcy can stop lawsuits and judgment collection efforts debt in their tracks.  If you want to close your business and wipe out your obligations or if you want to save your business by making payments through either a Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 (for individuals and sole proprietors), our attorney network has you covered.   One way or another, we’ll help solve your debt problems.

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