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When it comes Corporate Debt Relief, we come second to none.  No miracle pill will cure all debt problems and meet the needs of every single business owner as what works well for one may not work well for others.  We understand each of our clients have different needs, and therefore, we offer choices.

We take our time with our clients during our free consultation to explain to you what you’re up against and we won’t sugar coat our conversations.  If you’re looking for help with MCAs you’re in a bad spot, so we won’t make it seem like our help will be an instant fix, as anything that sounds too good to be true most likely is.  We’ll explain how each of the different options we offer can help you, and all the road bumps that may occur along the way.  Rest assured, one way or another; we’ll solve your Merchant Cash Advance or other debt problems.

We Can Help Before You Default


Lack of Cash Flow is the one common issue all of our client’s face.  Our typical client has multiple positions with different advance companies. With all their future receivables pledged away they have no money for day to day operations and are struggling just to keep their heads above water.

Contrary to what other providers say, you can get help before you miss payments and before you’re in default.  Defaulting will lead the MCAs you owe to retaliate with any or all of the following actions:

Confession of Judgment (COJ)

Missing just 1 or 2 payments to an MCA may be deemed a default of your agreement. If you signed a COJ, upon default, the MCA will file a judgment against you personally and your business, which they will then use to try to freeze your bank accounts and possibly even your merchant processing accounts. Without access to your money, it will be impossible to pay your employees or any other obligations you may have. They see all your money as their money – we see otherwise.


Uniform Commercial Code Liens (UCC Liens)

In addition to filing COJs to try to freeze your bank accounts, the MCAs will file a UCC lien. Once filed, they will send a copy of the lien along with a demand letter to your merchant processors and/or your current and past customers, to freeze any receivables they can find. The MCAs will make sure your customers know that they have a lien against any money owed to you, and your customers will be instructed to pay the MCA company instead of paying you. We can help!

Personal Guarantees (PG)

Closing your business to avoid paying? Did you perform ANY of the 5 common breaches: (1) take out multiple MCAs, (2) stop any payment, (3) open a new bank account, (4) open a new merchant account, or (5) pay only ‘what you could’ instead of the contractually specified percentage. If you did, the MCAs can use the COJ (also a personal judgment) to collect from your own assets! If no COJ, they can sue you to collect on the personal guarantee that you signed. So we stop them.

Our Various Merchant Cash Advance Debt Relief Solutions

  1. Forbearance Agreements – we can get you a break on your payments for some time.
  2. Restructuring Lower Payments – we can lower your payments if your revenues are down or you are overextended with too many positions or other obligations.
  3. Lump Sum Settlements – we can discount the balance you owe as a one-time settlement.
  4. Structured Settlements – we can discount the balance you owe and arrange for multiple payments to pay off the negotiated amount.
  5. *Lawsuit Defense – if you are sued, although we’re not a law firm, we have access to a network of attorneys that can protect your rights in court.
  6. *Bankruptcy – Our network of attorneys can even provide protection through the bankruptcy courts as a last resort if needed.

*Attorney network services may not be available in all locations.

  • Forbearance Agreements 38% 38%
  • Restructuring Lower Payments 98% 98%
  • Lump Sum Settlements 92% 92%
  • Structured Settlements 97% 97%
  • *Lawsuit Defense 37% 37%
  • *Bankruptcy 31% 31%

One Way or Another We’ll Fix Your Business Debt Problems


Unlike other debt relief providers, that will try to pressure you to ‘close the deal’ as they benefit by charging an exorbitant upfront fee when you hire them, we earn our profit when we successfully negotiate your obligations.  Meaning we profit when we succeed for you – not by convincing you to hire us.   That means no high-pressure sales tactics here!  We don’t want you ‘convince’ you to hire us, but instead, we want to educate you as to all of your options.

We know, once you truly understand what it is that we do, how we do it, and that we’re different, it’s not a matter of having to pressure you, you’ll realize we’re the right choice on your own.


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“MCADR and staff were professional and prompt in addressing the problem with the creditors who were threatening me with a lawsuit. I would like to thank them for their support and success in resolving this stressful matter”

Thomas H. – New York, NY. 6-2-19

“My experience has been great. I love the personal attention and the fact that I get very quick responses. It’s still a work in progress, but I can finally see light at the end of the tunnel.”

Larry W. – Ft Lauderdale, FL. 3-26-2019

“I was very pleased with the services I received regarding settling a debt collection matter with a very stubborn collection service”

Jared V.  – St Louis, MO. 5-26-19

“I just wanted you to know it has been an absolute pleasure working with you. You never made me feel harried, pressured or overly anxious about paying off my bills. I wish everyone would be like that.  Thank you again & i hope you don’t mind if i touch base with you the future, just to give you updates on how things are going.  Be well.”

Mary R. – Phoeniz, AZ. 4-30-2018

“Recently we finished the debt relief program. We are so pleased with the results.  I know we could not have been successful without their help. Michael called every month to see how we were doing and was always available to answer questions or offer support. What a wonderful feeling to be out of debt at last!”

Jessica R. – Anaheim, CA. 12-17-2018

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